Review #1

Thank you to Images2Art for sending me this kit in exchange for my honest review.

The last time I picked up a paint brush was in my high school art class. I was good at artsy things, I just didn’t really want to do the projects my teacher wanted us to do. For example, the dreaded fruit bowl. I could think of a million other things I’d rather do besides draw one of those. I feel like I may have taken that art class for granted because now that I’m grown up, living in my own apartment, and out of school, I actually want to be artsy again. I’ve been searching for an easy, yet unique craft to do for my apartment. It’s hard to find something that you can personalize without it being too structured.
That’s what I found so appealing about Images2Art and was so excited when they wanted to partner with me for a review on their Home Edition Kit. Image2Art is a service that turns your pictures into a paint-by-number on a canvas so that you can paint any picture you want – you don’t even need to be artistic. This is a perfect gift for all ages and a perfect decoration for all homes. It comes with everything you need. All you have to do is pick a picture and a color palette. They do the rest for you!
Image2Art also offers Party in a Box (a set of four or more kits), perfect for bachelorette parties, a girls’ night out, date nights and more. For large groups, team building activities and more, Images2Art offers Mosaics, where one image is enlarged and printed over any number of canvases.

Taking a glance in my package, I realized how awesome Images2Art is for including everything you could need for this project. Even the boxes are useful! The outside box can be used to set everything on top of. It even has little palettes to squeeze your paint on. There is another piece of cardboard inside that you can fold into an easel, like how I did above.


Then you have your actual picture to paint. It’s the photo you picked converted to a paint-by-number printed on a 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped canvas. It looks overwhelming at first, but it’s super easy to follow. You can see that they have all the numbers put into place so you know exactly what color should go where.

It also includes 5 brushes – 1 big brush for large areas, 1 medium sized brush, and 3 small, detail brushes to get into tight areas. You can choose 1 of 6 different color palettes. The choices are rose (what I picked), green, blue, purple, black, and brown. It comes with 5 different shades of that color and they are all labeled so you know what color goes with which number on the canvas. You’re basically making a monochromatic painting, which is so cool. Finally, the kit comes with a disposable plastic smock so you don’t ruin your clothes with paint.

Getting Started

First and foremost, I read the painting instructions. You are supposed to start with your #5 paint which is the darkest color. Then, use a paint brush to fill in all sections containing a #5. When you’re finished, move on to #4 and so on until you’re done.

I took a picture of my painting after I did each color to show you exactly how it looks. I also wanted to see it come to life.

I was absolutely floored by how accurate the painting turned out. It looks just like us! This whole painting only took me about 2 days to do. I could have probably did it in one day, but I needed some breaks because this sure was time consuming. I never had this much fun painting a picture before, though. The best part is that it looks gorgeous on my apartment wall. I would definitely do another one of these or even gift one to my family/friends.

Here are some tips for success on painting your own:

  • If you don’t see a number in a spot on the canvas, paint over it with one of the bordering number colors or just pick one of the colors. These small spots will not affect the outcome of the painting.
  • Paint over the lines on the canvas, not just up to the edge of the line. You do not want to see the lines when you’re done.
  • You might have to paint over some spots one or two times until you can’t see the numbers anymore – that’s completely fine.

Comparison Picture


Review #2

I love my completed picture, and am considering doing one of each of my children to hang in the living room. What an amazing way to capture a memory and turn it into art. These pictures would be great as a group project for a girl’s night, birthday party theme, Bachelorette party, or a date night. They would make great Christmas gifts as well. You could give them the picture to paint, or you could paint it and give them the finished masterpiece. I know it would be very meaningful if I painted a picture of past loved ones like my grandma, and gave it to my dad. There is such a special quality about these paintings. Because of Gifted Custom Art we can all be artists!


Review #3

Images2Art is a truly unique gift for any occasion. Just upload a photo, choose your color scheme, and you'll get everything you need to paint it! It works like paint-by-numbers so anyone can paint a beautiful image, even if you're not a skilled artist. The box your kit comes in is your easel (so don't rip it!). Gifted Custom Art also comes with the paint and paintbrushes you need.

I decided to use my daughter's senior photo for this, and it looks amazing. It's a truly unique gift.

Perfect for a wedding gift, graduation gift, Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, birthday gift - any special holiday!